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relaxation theory...
relaxation theory...
relaxation theory...
relaxation theory...

relaxation theory...

  • speedy recovery - birthday - thank you - all occasions
...handing someone a magical key to unlock a secret garden of serenity, where every flower blooms with tranquility and every breeze carries away the burdens of the day!
  • 50h soy candle - ''Scented Verbena'' 🕯️ - blooms all summer, and exudes its wonderful lemony, sweet and fresh scent which persists for a long time. A symbol of abundance, verbena is a protective plant, a lucky charm and captivating with its wonderful notes. White glass container, reusable with white earthenware lid. Made in Quebec.
  • liquid hand and body soap, peonies and olive leaves -a blend of soft rose petals and elegant musk with lush fruity top notes. A clean, feminine spring scent with a hint of fresh, green olive leaves carried by a warm breeze. made in Quebec.
  • box of matches, playful characters, witty illustrations by Grandville which meet the timeless proverbs, inscribed on the back of the box, in this whimsical and stimulating journey. approximately 120 matches, 11 x 11 x 3 cm
  • bar soap, lilac flower from Dot & Lil is fresh and clear, it is not powdery or too flowery. Smells exactly like true spring lilac! Made from a soap base with vegetable oils and glycerin. This soap is completely vegan. 128g made in Quebec.
  • mini bath milk, lavender and hibiscus , contains luxuriously hydrating whole milk powder, as well as ground oat flakes. This super-rich formula turns bath water milky, white and opaque and gives you a bathing experience worthy of Cleopatra, leaving skin soft and fragrant. made in Quebec.
  • clementine and lavender lip balm - blend of soothing shea butter, coconut vegetable oils, castor vegetable oils, beeswax and delicious clementine and lavender essential oils. made in Quebec.
  • gourmet popcorn infused with rose wine - sweet, fresh and fruity, notes of watermelon and strawberry. GMO-free, made with natural ingredients without colorings, alcohol or artificial flavors. Canada.

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