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Montreal 514.765.9803 | Canada Usa 1.833.765.2200 | Delivery across Canada- no international deliveries available for the moment.

Questions and answers

We offer delivery across Canada. We use local courier services for certain areas of Montreal and Fedex for all other.
This is a very important information that is required by all courier services. Your phone number is important to us if we need to reach you. The telephone number of the person(s) to whom you are sending the gift is needed in case the courrier service wants to check the address, or a buzzer code to enter the building because they don't have access, making arrangements for a certain day or indicate where the package is available to be picked-up.
The party sending the package is responsible for supplying the correct address and all information necessary . When a courier service arrives at a wrong address, they re-invoice the charges and in turn unfortunately we have to charge back the sender, which we absolutely try to prevent. Always verify if the recipient has moved and make sure all the information is up to date.
Well we really rather add to the content than pretend you are getting a freebee. Some companies like Amazon can cut this fee because it is weighed into their delivery volume. We can honestly tell you that no one is really in a position to offer free delivery without cutting into their bottom line. It is being added to the product. Also we always ask for an indirect signature upon delivery. Our courrier services do not leave packages at the door without authorization. As a vendor, we are responsible to make sure a package is delivered and signed for, and of course this service is part of our delivery fees.
Very simple, we apply the delivery rates that courier services apply, these are determined by postal code, box site and weight. We always make sure we use the right sized box for shipping and not just random box that makes the delivery fee higher because the box is bigger.
We have chose that our gifts be presented in beautiful gift boxes with luxurious ribbons. Cellophane plastics are not always recyclable, dust just clings to this material and we absolutely took a turn so all the packaging can be reusable. Now this means our ribbons are not acecate ribbons but real fabric ribbons, no logos so they can be reused. Our gift boxes also do not have any logos so they can be recycled, or reused, made of post-consumer material.