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Dolce Vita...

Dolce Vita...

...All ready for the best salade and italian gastronomy!

  • ...Marella paste, without artificial coloring, natural ingredients from genetables, the colour of the paste will not be altered once cooked. Organic, delicious and a real sunny treat while dreaming of Italy.
  • olive oil from Greece.
  • ...Butcher's salt, garlic and basil in a vintage glass jar.
  • ...manzanilla olives stuffed with lemon.
  • ..Mandy's unique and internationally inspired dressing.  - sweet like honey, a ting of salty, and zesty.
  • ...dark specialty dark chocolate.
  • ...gluten free Generous shortbred cookies - organic, lactose free.
  • ...deluxe nut mix - cashews, hazelnuts, roasted almonds, red peanuts, etc..

We use eco-friendly packaging, without the use of plastic cellophane – We offer stylish containers and elegant, reusable and recyclable gift boxes. No logos printed on our ribbons, papers or containers which makes them more attractive and meant for several uses.

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