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.. Block of 100% foie gras with champagne. Developed using an artisanal method, with the utmost care - 100% Québec -Farm-raised duck foie gras Made in Quebec. gluten-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, made in Quebec, 
...various flavored spelt crackers, composed of different layers of grain husks that are rich in protein. cider jelly
, its intense apple taste gives the impression of biting into a frozen apple. Offering powerful notes of apples and lychees, Quebec's finest 50ml
...artisan jam spread, rich and slightly spicy, perfect for Sunday morn breakfast, vegan, gluten-free, no omg, paired with a white ceramic spoon.
...beggars chocolate, a dried fruit and nuts chocolate specialty, made in Lac Saint Jean.

...L’Épicurien, an elegant, stunning fruit cake – matured for 30 days with BeOrigin gin produced by the Quebec distillery Vice & Vertu with lemon zest and ginger. 100 g
artisanal hand-made rock candies, made in Montreal, dairy free . Allergy-friendly. Nut-Free.
...PopPop pidou, caramel, maple, and fleur de sel artisan popcorn.
...Pine Douglas votive candle - 
precious scent in memory of the Northern snowy forests of our childhood and their magical scents of pine needles, undergrowth, and green buds. Made in Canada.

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