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chocolate bliss...
chocolate bliss...
chocolate bliss...
chocolate bliss...

chocolate bliss...

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"Immerse yourself in an ocean of chocolate delights with our gourmet gift, brimming with exquisite flavors.
  • creamy organic wild blueberry spread made with delicious dark or milk  chocolate from Lac Saint Jean, indicate choice.
  • wild organic blueberry bites, drenched in dark chocolate - made in Lac Saint-Jean.
  • dark chocolate bar, with quote : add “eat chocolate” to your to-do list. You will accomplish at least one task today''. Inspired by the innocence of childhood, this creation offers you much more than just chocolate treats. made by local  chocolatier in Montreal.
  • chocolate-maple flavor waffle bar , inspired by delicious maple waffles coated with milk chocolate, perfect for a relaxing break, made in Quebec.
  • granolust mocha chocolate crunch bites,  gluten free and plant based made in Quebec.
  • Taste the very essence of Montreal , the Montreal Skyline square bar is crafted in the heart of the city, using exceptional chocolate, all wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. The iconic red color pays homage to the dynamism and warmth of Montreal.
  • soft crunch caramel bites, made with perfectly roasted almonds, topped with rich dark chocolate that bursts with fabulous toffee flavor. One bite and you're hooked. Made in BC Canada.
  • two dark chocolate sea salt marshmallows, individually wrapped.


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