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bbq buzz
bbq buzz
bbq buzz
bbq buzz

bbq buzz

  • onion and maple confit
  • port jelly
  • crab apples and basil
  • anise and pistachio
  • old cheddar
  • rosemary and figs
  • champagne
  • whiskey BBQ

BBQ Buzz is full of BBQ specialties from Quebec. Specially selected for their incomparable freshness and taste, these specialties offer exceptional flavor thanks to their quality ingredients. A perfect gift for BBQ lovers!

  • Bring Au Pied de Cochon to your BBQ party with this flavourful maple BBQ sauce, enhanced by Habanero hot! pepers. 
  • Refined crackers, made with organic ingredients in Vieux Sainte-Rose, Laval, the ideal cracker that won't fall apart! A perfect match for cheese, terrines, foie gras or onion confit.
  • handcrafted curated sausage, various flavours, please choose – slightly smoked, this exceptional charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers! 90g Other flavors available, Whisky BBQ, figs and rosemary, Cheddar, please indicate your choice
  • port jelly, made in Quebec- pairs well with BBQ and curated  meats
  • Smoke Show's Ranch jalapeño version of North America's most beloved sauce, perfectly balanced, spicy and tangy, and unbelievably addicting. Perfect for as a dressing or dipping sauce.
  • Special spice ''for the love of BBQ'' hearty seasoning, perfect balance of heat, sweet, and savory, this salt-free blend is here to elevate every meal. made in Quebec.
  • Maple and Sweet Gale Mustard 125 ml- Sweet gale combines woody notes with nutmeg accents. Slightly sweet, this mustard is the perfect condiment for grilled beef or venison, duck breast and other wild meats. made in Quebec.
  • taste the very essence of Montreal by biting into this chocolate bar bearing its effigy. Made in the heart of the city from exceptional chocolate in eco-responsible packaging. 
  • dry roasted cashews seasoned with everything bagel spice.

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