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Berries Lip Balm - Bkind

Berries Lip Balm - Bkind


  • Hydrating lip balm - Berries - This lip balm will create a protective barrier against further cracking and will give long-term hydration to sensitive lips. As it does not contain any water, it is very rich and nourishing. A little goes a long way! This lip balm will leave a fruity scent and a wonderful glossy finish on  lips.   12 g
  • Ingredients : Ricinus seed oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E): We added vitamin E in order to protect and repair your lips.    OR
  •  OR
  • Hydrating lip balm - Lemon and Lime lip balm, leaves a refreshing citrus scent and glossy finish. 12g

This tube is made of 7% Ocean Bound Plastic; turning cleaner oceans into packaging. Ocean Bound Plastic is a recycled raw material made from plastic waste that is at risk of ending up in the oceans.This product, like any other BKIND product, is designed and made here in Montreal. We only use the finest natural ingredients that provide the most benefits for your skin and our products are always cruelty-free.

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