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urban brunch...

urban brunch...

Experience the freshest flavors of the city with the Urban Brunch ! Our locally made products are crafted with love and passion, providing a delightful and unique taste of the city. Let us take your palate on a journey of discovery - try 

  • Duo Granolust, Maple and quinoa crunch granola, with a hint of Canadian maple syrup and Mocha chocolate crunch , gluten free, plant based. 60g ea
  • artisan crackers apricot, hazelnut & rosemary or olive, fig and fennel, made with organic flour. 115 g made in Quebec
  • Perfectly creamy and deliciously smoky, this salmon pate is the ultimate crowd pleaser, from cold, clean Canadian waters.
  • sweet chili nut mix, gluten free, no GMO, no preservatives - roasted almonds, cashews and pecans spiced with sweet chili. made in Canada.
  • cashew nuts glazed with caramel and sea salt - made in Canada.
  • perfection is this plum and and black tea jam, vegan, gluten free, non GMO, created by a master confiturier in Quebec. 212m
  • delicious shortbread cookies hand zested lemons make this the ideal shortbread to pair with a cup of tea. Fresh and citrusy with a nice butter finish - Diabetic-friendly and nut free!
  • Sloane Tea Merchants herbal teas with innovative flavors, pyramide individual biodegradable sachets filled with fine herbal blends.

We use eco-friendly packaging, without the use of plastic cellophane – We offer stylish containers and elegant, reusable and recyclable gift boxes. No logos printed on our ribbons, papers or containers which makes them more attractive and meant for several uses.

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