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Tipsy Tapas
Tipsy Tapas
Tipsy Tapas
Tipsy Tapas
Tipsy Tapas
Tipsy Tapas

Tipsy Tapas

  • local artisan food gift for your hosts
  • birthday - wedding - get well - evening with friends
  • whiskey bbq
  • champagne
  • rosemary and figs
  • old cheddar
  • pistachios and anise

Unforgettable tapas evening! Embark on a culinary adventure and introduce new and refined flavors with this gourmet box filled with products from Quebec

  • artisan crackers, made with organic unbleached flour – savory, pair perfectly with terrines and salads. Made in Quebec.
  • Perfectly creamy and deliciously smokey, this salmon pate is the ultimate crowd pleaser, made with only the finest ingredients and salmon from cold, clean Canadian waters, this pate is perfect on a cracker or by the spoonful, use as a spread on elegant appetizers, or even as a filling for house-made raviolis.
  • handcrafted curated sausage, slightly smoked, this Whiskey BBQ charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers! some of the ingredients: porc, jack Daniels, spices…. 90g made in Quebec. Other flavors available, please choose your favorite.
  • Sweet hand stuffed mini Peppers with imported cream cheese and hand-packed in a premium herb-splashed vegetable oil.
  • savory duck rillettes and foie gras – creamy and light made with local ingredients only. Made in Quebec. gluten free.
  • manzanilla olives stuffed with jalapeno peppers. prepared in Quebec.
  • black Aragon olives tapenade, ideal for accompanying appetizers, spreading on crackers and sandwiches, or adding a delicate touch to mashed potatoes.
  • roasted shelled pistachios with pink Himalayan salt
  • Spanish roasted almonds, with sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice.
  • chocolates squares, individually wrapped (15) made by local chocolatier in Montreal. various flavors, organic.

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