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Snug Buzz

Snug Buzz

Adorable soft grey crochet knit hoodie made with 100% cotton fibers and handcrafted wooden buttons. Oversized hoodie double-layered 100% cotton soft fabric. Machine wash tumble dry- 6-12 months.

snug little socks for guaranteed warmth and comfort - cotton/polyester.

elephant blankie,  100% organic cotton, eco-friendly, reassuring, and so soft on the cheek companion, safe to cuddle and chew on . woven in Montreal, Canadian sheep wool stuffing.

Mr Tsé-Tsé baby soap, extra-mild soap for babies with orange blossom water. Perfect for the most delicate skin, its soothing scent envelops in softness and comforts. An essential before going to bed , made in Quebec.

soft washcloth made of 100% cotton muslin and wash-drying terry cloth , features a hanging loop for each drying.

All ou gifts are presented in a eco-friendly manner. We have therefore eliminated the use of cellophane plastic without sacrificing the design and aesthetics of our elegant packaging. All can be reused and recycled

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