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snowy montains...
snowy montains...
snowy montains...
snowy montains...

snowy montains...

  • Noël - jour de l'An
  • sweet berry breeze, cocktail rimmer - bright, berry-rich blend includes sweet strawberries, summery Quebec blueberries, and tart raspberries with a touch of basil to deliver a fresh pop of flavor. Enjoy with fruity cocktails, a vodka tonic, or raspberry mojito, but you can also use it to elevate kid-friendly alcohol-free beverages like lemonade or iced tea! made in Quebec.
  • Delicious Les Demoiselles cookies made from flour rice and of candied oranges, gluten free.
  • duo chocolate bars organic - Chocolat des Français - A muscular sailor illustration, organic extra dark chocolate 71% with a slight bitterness and Camargue salt touch that comes afterwards. Marie Antoinette illustration, royal selfie for a royal person, surrounded by the crispy almonds of organic milk chocolate bar! 
  • luxury fudge Christmas cracker, pulls open to reveal three generous squares of real-deal, handmade fudge by the UK’s oldest fudge specialist. 65g
  • nougat bar with honey and candied lemon. Made in Quebec
  • creamy caramel spread with Himalayan pink salt, made in Quebec.
  • elegant faux suède pouch with several Sloane Tea infusion tea bags, various flavors.

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