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The Quebec Sweet Box

The Quebec Sweet Box

Premium artisan selection, made by Quebec’s best!

  • ...popcorn – caramel, maple syrup and fleur de sel. made in Quebec.
  • ...wild blueberry confiture from Lac Saint Jean.
  • ...local artisan butter and caramel spread 
  • …The Epicurian a gastronomic novelty, audacious mini ginger and gin fruit cake with brimful of glazed fruits, matured for 30 days with BeOrigin gin produced by the Quebec distillery Vice & Verty with lemon zest and ginger. 100g
  • ...S’mores bar with mini marshmallows.
  • ...Montreal's spicy nuts - mix of roasted nuts blended with a savory bold flavour
  • ...granolust savory mocha and chocolate  cluster bites – vegan- made in Quebec.
  • ...milk chocoate pistachios
  • ...Milk chocolate bar –Even dark chocolate lovers will appreciate this bar of pure milk chocolate which has a high cocoa content, less sweet effect while preserving the smoothness and richness of the milk chocolate,made in Montreal by local chocolatier.
  • ...maple almond nuts.
  • and white chocolate meringues hand made in Quebec.
  • ...honey and pistachios nougat bar

All ou gifts are presented in a eco-friendly manner. We have therefore eliminated the use of cellophane plastic without sacrificing the design and aesthetics of our elegant packaging. All can be reused and recycled.

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