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King's heritage...
King's heritage...
King's heritage...
King's heritage...

King's heritage...

  • whiskey BBQ
  • champagne
  • anis et pistaches
  • cheddar
  • figues et romarin

Enjoy a taste adventure with the King's Heritage gourmet gift, a delicious duck foie gras for a precious Quebec delicacy! Try it now and marvel!

  • Block of 100% champagne foie gras Developed using an artisanal method, with the utmost care - 100% Québec -Farm-raised duck foie gras, Made in Quebec. gluten free, antibiotic free, preservative free, made in Quebec.
  • A delicious jelly cran apple and basil! Perfect with foie gras, cheese and charcuterie! 110 ml

  • Refined crackers, made with organic ingredients in Vieux Sainte-Rose, Laval, the ideal cracker that won't fall apart! A perfect match for cheese, terrines, foie gras or onion confit.
  • Hygge - mulling spices - This luscious blend features a rich, comforting medley of cinnamon, clove, allspice, cardamom and orange peel the perfect take on Scandinavian mulling spices. Traditionally infused in warm wine or cider, but can be steeped like tea.
  • maple & Sweet Gale mustard lightly-sweet seasoning for beef or venison grills, sauce for magret of duck and other wild game.
  • Elegant, the Epicurian stunning fruit cakematured for 30 days with BeOrigin gin produced by the Quebec distillery Vice & Vertu with lemon zest and ginger. 100 gr
  • roasted shelled pistachios with pink Himalayan salt.
  • Milk chocolate bar even dark chocolate lovers will appreciate this bar of pure milk chocolate which has a high cocoa content, less sweet effect while preserving the smoothness and richness of the milk chocolate. made in Montreal.

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