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hygge gift box...
hygge gift box...

hygge gift box...


Dive into the world of "hygge" with our relaxation gift... The Kropp collection, whose name is a nod to the term "body," transports you to the freshness and tranquility of Scandinavia. The return to essentials inspired this range with vegan natural formulas and sleek eco-friendly packaging.

Kropp Refreshing Shower Gel invigorates the body with its pH-balanced formula enriched with essential oils that gently cleanse the skin. Use in the shower for a balancing rejuvenation experience, featuring subtle notes of rosewood, oakmoss, and patchouli leaf. 255ml - Made in Quebec.

Kropp Gentle Soap features a fine, creamy texture enriched with a generous blend of organic oils and shea butter that gently cleanses the skin. This fine paste soap is triple milled and blended with a generous quantity of natural organic oils, resulting in an abundance of soft creamy suds Infused with essential oils of rosewood, oakmoss, and subtle patchouli leaf. 165 g - Made in Quebec.

Kropp Rich Hand Cream Ultra nourishing and non greasy, this rich hand cream offers tired hands a reparative cocktail of active vitamins, revitalizing and fortifying  blemished skin. Absorbs quickly, leaving skin and nails protected. Infused with essential oils of thyme leaves, vetiver root, and sandalwood. 100ml - Made in Quebec.

Candle crafted from a generous blend of 100% natural soy wax, scented with linen flower accompanied by soft, slightly milky notes with hints of vanilla facets. Soy wax provides an environmentally friendly alternative and supports agricultural economy.

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