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Basil - rag doll

Basil - rag doll

He likes chocolate fries, gouda, and tobacco. He has a tame seagull who knows how to talk together they play dice and rob trawlers.).A long time ago, he fell into the water and had his eye stung by an electric jellyfish: since then he has three eyes instead of one, and as it is very strange he prefers to wear a mask -eye rather than telling the jellyfish story all day but he can see very well and he doesn't even need binoculars anymore.. Designa and madel locally in Montreal by RAplapla.

For his wooden leg, we do not know what may have happened to him.

32 cm. Cotton and polyester, padded with polyester fibers.Plastic eyes fixed with a rivet meets the requirements of EC regulations as well as Health-Canada directives for toys intended for children under 36 months.s).This doll is packaged in a very pretty box-house designed by Mimi Traillette printed in Quebec, and it is provided with her personal health record.l.

- This doll is suitable for babies and adults.).

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