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winter rockin BBQ...
winter rockin BBQ...
winter rockin BBQ...
winter rockin BBQ...

winter rockin BBQ...

  • rosemary and figs
  • whiskey BBQ
  • cheddar
  • juniper berry
  • maple onion confit
  • apple jelly
  • port jelly
  • spicy apple jelly
  • delicious BBQ sauce, apple base, fire cidre and Archibald beer. perfect with meat, or grilled chicken, made in Quebec.
  • ''For the love of BBQ''seasoning, perfect balance of heat, sweet, and savory, salt-free blend, a bold mix of spices and fragrant garlic, dash of brown sugar- use this hearty seasoning as a dry rub on shrimp, fish, or steak, or blend it with ketchup and vinegar to create a mouthwatering BBQ sauce. Made in Quebec.
  • handcrafted curated sausage, Whisky BBQ, – slightly smoked, this exceptional charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers! 90g Other flavors available, Whisky BBQ rosemary and figs,  Strong Cheddar or juniper berry - please indicate your choice.
  • duck rillettes and foie gras – creamy and light made with local ingredients only. Made in Quebec.
  • crackers with candied onions, or tomatoes and basil - made with fresh spent grain, they have a nice crunch, and can be served with rillettes, liver mousse or pâté. Made in Rivière du Loup, Qc
  • jalapeño ranch, perfectly balanced, spicy and tangy, and unbelievably addicting. Perfect for as a dressing or dipping sauce, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to use it in all your meals. Made in Quebec.
  • maple onion confit , made with maple syrup from our Quebec maple groves, delicious with duck rillettes, foie gras, and why not to top a warm brie, 100% natural: no additives, no preservatives and no colorants. other jellies  available, please indicate your choice when purchasing.
  • mixed nuts, roasted almonds, cashews and pecans spiced with sweet chili- Ontario

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