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  • Christmas, New Year
  • duck rillettes and foie gras – creamy and light made with local ingredients only. Made in Quebec. 
  • fig, olive and fennel crackers - a perfect match; cheeses, terrines, foie gras or onion confit - organic made in Quebec. 
  • Hygge Hanging Wine Bottle Box! This luscious blend features a rich, comforting medley of cinnamon, clove, allspice, cardamom and orange peel the perfect take on Scandinavian mulling spices. Traditionally infused in warm wine or cider, but can be steeped like tea.
  •  cocktail rimmer for our country's (unofficial) national beverage, the Bloody Caesar. Instead of the classic celery salt as a cocktail rimmer, this one is a peppery blend of herbs, flaky sea salt, smoked paprika and a hint of brown sugar. Made in Quebec
  • snack mix combination of luxurious flavors was created to enhance all the aromatic and fruity notes of white wine, champagne, sparkling wines and cavas
  • poppoppidou popcorn, maple, caramel and fleur de sel, made in Quebec
  • Chocolat des Français, chocolat bar with Fuller lips illustration , irresistible! Discover this soft and creamy organic milk chocolate 41%, enriched with grilled hazelnuts slivers which provide delightful smoky notes. 
  •  soft and light these handmade heavenly puff marshmallows, are a real treat! made locally by finest Quebec artisans.

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