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rockin bbq!

rockin bbq!

..delicious BBQ sauce, apple base, fire cidre and Archibald beer. perfect with meat, or grilled chicken

...handcrafted curated sausage, Whisky BBQ, – slightly smoked, this exceptional charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers! 90g Other flavors available, Whisky BBQ, figs and rosemary, Cheddar, please indicate your choice

.…duck rillettes and foie gras – creamy and light made with local ingredients only. Made in Quebec

...Butcher’s Block seasoning made locally -Pure porcini mushroom mingles with black peppercorns, zesty garlic and chunky sea salt in this flavour-with a lick of heat.

....tomato and basil spelt crackers, composed of different layers of grain husks that are rich in protein. cider made in Quebec, with a taste of intense frozen apples and litchee flavor

...jelly port, made with Tawny port exclusively, product made in Quebec.

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