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PoP UP gourmando

PoP UP gourmando

  • ...tantalizing array of sinful pleasures, indulge and share !
  • …caramel and pink Himalayan salt delicious spread , made in Quebec.

    …poppop pidou popcorn, maple, caramel and fleur de sel.

    …Les Demoiselles –delicious shorbread cookies made from flour rice (gluten free)  and of Lemon confit. 160gr

    ..Sugarsin gin fizz gummies– infused with real gin, these soft gummies are a beautiful harmony of citrus flavours and finished with a sweet and sour sugary fizz – madly moreish, you’ll never be able to stop at one. Alcohol free, gluten free -100g

    .…almonds drenched in dark chocolate, made in Quebec of dark chocolate 70% – made by local artisan.

    ...Irresistible Divine cherry chocolate blossom in a parrot shape. Composed of a delicious 58% cocoa dark chocolate, a creamy praline and a delicious morello cherry purée containing a tasty cherry. Made in Quebec.

    …creamy toffee and sea salt bites, individually wrapped.

    ..handmade meringuesorange and white chocolate Made in Quebec. maple nougat bar.

    ... Deluxe nut mix – A crunchy, protein-rich of finest nuts-Cashews, Hazelnuts,Dry Almonds, Almonds, Red skin peanuts, blanched peanuts. 70g

    …The Epicurian mini cake – a gastronomic novelty, audacious mini ginger and gin fruit cake with brimful of glazed fruits, matured for 30 days with BeOrigin gin produced by the Quebec distillery Vice & Verty with lemon zest and ginger. 100g

    ..Sloane tea (5) individually wrapped biodegradable pyramid sachets filled with whole leaf tea-100% plastic free and are made from a biodegradable material derived from Non-GMO corn starch.

    We use eco-friendly packaging, without the use of plastic cellophane – We offer stylish containers and elegant, reusable and recyclable gift boxes. No logos printed on our ribbons, papers or containers which makes them more attractive and meant for several uses.

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