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Paola is a circus ballerina. Every/ night of the week she puts on her pink suit and slippers with ribbons, applies her false eyelashes and blushes her cheeks. She hits the track on the back of Bébert, her stage companion. He's a very nice camel, he has a diamond encrusted saddle and together they trot and dance to the sound of an old songs.

- Giving a rag doll is not an unusual gesture. It is to give the child a companion, a mini reflection, and this one is a little off beat:)-Her eyes are not glued. A pin and a rivet to the backing fix them securely.

- 32 cm. Cotton and polyester, padded with polyester fibers. This doll is packaged in a pretty box-house designed by Mimi Traillette (printed in Quebec), and is provided with her personal health record.

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