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The Twins....

The Twins....

...two comfy body suits, 100% thick cotton - print in the middle, each different design.

...two pairs of snug little socks for guaranteed warmth and comfort- mix of cotton, poly and spandex.

...two baby Munch Mitts, teething relief, protects hands- Stimulating crinkle noise -textured, Soft, food grade silicone flexible and adjustable velcro. BPA & phtalate free. machine washable. Included 1 travel/wash bag. 3-7 months- different designs.

Diaper rash velvety cream formulated from a rich blend of olive oil, olive butter and beeswax, the cream has remarkable antifungal and antibacterial attributes, helps neutralize fungi and bacteria that cause rashing. 75ml- Made in Canada

.. gentle hair and body wash - by LOLO made in Quebec - Bath time will be a breeze thanks to this enchanting soap. Made from top-quality ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil, this gentle hair & body wash cleans in a jiffy! 125ml

...two super-soft muslin washcloths with fabric loop to hang. Soft and breathable fabric (70% rayon from bamboo; 30% cotton) Absorbent rayon terry backing made from bamboo Gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

We use eco-responsible packaging, without the use of plastic cellophane – We offer stylish containers and elegant, reusable and recyclable gift boxes. No logos printed on our ribbons, papers or containers which makes them more attractive and meant for several uses.

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