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The must Apero...

The must Apero...

*A luxurious gift experience with Le must Apéro, featuring a refined presentation of hand-selected, local exquisite delicacies. 

  • champagne vinegar, bright fresh fruit aroma, heavenly in a mignonette served with oysters, favorite salade or entrée – aged 6 months in oak barrels, marinate fish, carpaccio, or ceviche.
  • black Argan olives tapenade made in Québec.
  • maple & Sweet Gale mustard – lightly-sweet seasoning for beef or venison grills, sauce for magret of duck and other wild game, made in Qc.
  • handcrafted curated sausage, figue & rosemary, – slightly smoked, this exceptional charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers!  90g Other flavors available, Whiskey BBQ, Juniper Berry, or Strong cheddar, please indicate your choice .
  • pitted stuffed  manzanilla olives, packed in Quebec.
  • maple onion confit, made in Quebec- pairs well with with pates and meats, choose your confit or jelly.
  • Refined crackers, made with organic ingredients in Vieux Sainte-Rose, Laval, the ideal cracker that won't fall apart! A perfect match for cheese, terrines, foie gras or onion confit.
  • shelled hand roasted pistachios with Himalayan salt, prepared in Ontario.
  • nougat bar made with almonds, candied lemon peels and orange - made in Quebec
  • chocolates squares, individually wrapped (12) made by local chocolatier in Montreal. various flavors.

    All ou gifts are presented in a eco-friendly manner. We have therefore eliminated the use of cellophane plastic without sacrificing the design and aesthetics of our elegant packaging. All can be reused and recycled.

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