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le chic céleb...

le chic céleb...

...Peugot pepper mill, wild cherry wood, stainless steel cap - made in France.

...mousse of foie gras and chilled apples, unique combination, no additives, no conservation agents or dyes. Made in Quebec. Argan olive tapenade made in Québec.

..onion confi crackers, traditional crackers from spent microbrewery grains, composed of different layers of grain husks that are rich in protein. Made in Quebec. bottle of local artisan ice cider. 50 ml

...white balsamic vinegar 5years - ideally pairs with salades, seafood, poultry, cheese, fruits et drinks. made in Quebec

...snack mix, variety of delicious nuts and grissinis.

...The Epicurian a gastronomic novelty, audacious mini ginger and gin fruit cake with brimful of glazed fruits, matured for 30 days with BeOrigin gin produced by the Quebec distillery Vice & Verty with lemon zest and ginger. 100g

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