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Brunch' n Tea

Brunch' n Tea

...Pancake mix from Zoe Ford House!A recipe so good you'll want to make ever single weekend! We add fruits of chocolate or cocoa powder but our secret is giving you a bag of cinnamon sugar to create a doughnut like pancake coating.... and it's epic!  Makes 8 large pancakes or 12-16 small pancakes. (organic flour) (choose among Pancake mix, Cinnamon Rolls or the Chocolate Chip Cookies mix)

  • ...maple syrup from Cosman & Webb.
  • ---chocolate and blueberry spread - from Lac Saint Jean, Quebec
  • ...Les Demoiselles gluten free shortbread cookies - lemon or orange.
  • ...maple sugar 
  • ...caramel spread with pink himalayn salt.
  • ...six (6) Sloan Tea infusions in a reusable velvet pouch.

We use eco-friendly packaging, without the use of plastic cellophane – We offer stylish containers and elegant, reusable and recyclable gift boxes. No logos printed on our ribbons, papers or containers which makes them more attractive and meant for several uses.

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