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lavender & coco...

lavender & coco...

...Calming and soothing konjac facial sponge infused with lavender, cleanses the face and removes all impurities in a single step. No soap or cleanser is needed! This plant-based and biodegradable sponge is made from konjac root fibers. Its irregular texture makes it a perfect smooth sponge that exfoliates very gently!

BKind hand balm will come to the rescue of dry skin areas, constantly exposed to external damage, contains coconut and lavender, and essential oils which give the balm a sweet, floral, and calming scent. 50 g Natural, vegan, made in Quebec. Ocean Bound plastic packaging is made from recycled plastic waste, collected in risky areas located less than 200 km from ocean shores! This packaging helps reduce the production of virgin plastic and protect the oceans from plastic waste while being 100% recyclable!

BKind lip balm lemon and lime - will create a protective barrier against further cracking and will get long-term hydration to your lips, leaving a fresh scent of lemon and lime and a wonderful glossy finish. 12g

...bath bomb Chérie, a super moisturizing, fizzing, and relaxing bath experience all in one little bomb. Powered with Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt, and essential oils of bergamot, lime, orange, lavender, and benzoin (a flower that smells similar to vanilla). made in Quebec.

..assortment of (10) chocolate squares, individually wrapped - milk chocolate and dark chocolate -made by a local artisan chocolatier. Montreal.

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