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smokin' bbq

smokin' bbq

For the BBQ grill enthusiast...  

  • … BBQ Hot Sauce Joe Beef , smoked apple and maple syrup- prepared with fresh, natural ingredients, Joe Beef spicy apple-maple sauce combines the flavour of McIntosh apples with the sweet taste of Quebec maple syrup.
  • two microbewed beers, La Grisette ''du midi'', La Grisette du Midi, thirst-quenching beer with a complex grain profile (barley, wheat, rye, oats) and subtly supported by the sweet herbal and floral notes of Saaz hops, and  Botanical White, a beautiful Witbier brewed with gin aromatics stemming from the Cirka Distilleries in Montreal.
  • …handcrafted curated sausage, slightly smoked, this Whiskey BBQ charcuterie is bliss for meat lovers! some of the ingredients: porc, jack Daniels, spices…. 90g made in Laval, Quebec. Other flavors available, please choose your favourite.
  • duck rillettes and foie gras, artisan terrine, made in Quebec.
  • …Sweet and Smoky rub balances caramelized brown sugar with pungent mustard, bright citrus and a mellow heat, other flavours available, choose you favorite.
  • ...port jelly - made uniquely with Tawny port
  • …artisan crackers, made with organic unbleached flour – savoury, pair perfectly with, foie gras, terrines, spreads , made in Quebec.

All ou gifts are presented in a eco-friendly manner. We have therefore eliminated the use of cellophane plastic without sacrificing the design and aesthetics of our elegant packaging. All can be reused and recycled.

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