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cottage den...

cottage den...

Les Demoiselles –delicious shortbread cookies made from flour rice (gluten free) and Lemon confit. 160gr

...caramel and pink Himalayan salt delicious spread, made in Quebec. milk chocolate bar 41% A royal selfie for a royal person ''Marie-Antoinette'' in the midst of crunchy almonds.

...Labrador herbal tea leaves with apple and meadowsweet, made in Quebec. A sumptuous blend that has nothing to do with the classic "chai tea" or "gingerbread" but stands out for its character.

...Soy candle ''Chalet'' warm blend of cinnamon, benzoin, and clove, you feel like at the cottage! - made in Quebec

...Spa Nature body and face soap, contains moisturizing butters, vegetable oils, essential oils, and botanical extracts, made in Quebec.

...Clementine and lavender lip balm, naturally scented and handcrafted, a blend of soothing shea butter and delicious essential oils of clementine and lavender. Made in Quebec.

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